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無敵者 A Better Tomorrow

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上映日期: 20/1/2011

發行/主辦團體: 洲立影片 Intercontinental Film Distributors

赫和弟弟哲在一次投奔南韓的行動當中不幸失散;哲認定哥哥自私自利。多年後,赫已經成為犯罪集團的靈魂人物;其後哲亦成功逃入南韓,並加入警隊,更立志要捉拿他。在一次組織行動當中,赫與組織內情同手足的另一猛將─英川,被陰險奸詐的泰民(趙漢善 飾)出賣而被判入獄。出獄後的赫決定洗水不幹。但眼見英川為了等待與他再戰江湖而飽受屈辱,加上泰民對哲咄咄相逼,赫終於忍無可忍,只好再次聯同英

The story of men who become one in the name of brotherhood.
Brothers stand against one another as enemies. Hyuk(JOO Jin-mo) and Chul (KIM Hang-woo). the two brothers have been separated since childhood. Hyuk, the elder, has become the boss of a weapons
smuggling gang. Chul has become a policeman. the two brothers, who had cared for each other like no
others, confront each other and take him at each others hearts.
Loyalty stronger than blood. Hyuk and Young-Chun share 10 years of friendship while leading the gang
as the two aces. their bond is damaged by rival gangster Tae-min, who is fond of playing dirty. Hyuk wants to escape the gang’s grip, Chul wants to get rid of the gang’s altogether, Young-chun wants to reestablish himself. Through deep wounds and misunderstandings, their relationships are tangled
together, and when Tae-min plots to take power they are set on a collision course with unexpected


Director : Hae-sung Song
Cast : Seung-heon Song, Jin-mo Ju and Kang-woo Kim

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