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演上癮 (Die Spielwütigen) Addicted to Acting

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上映日期: 27/8/2010 晚上八時正 8pm

發行/主辦團體: 香港歌德學院 Goethe-Institut Hongkong

2004 柏林影展Panorama觀眾大獎
2004 Film+剪接大獎
2005 德國電影評論學會德國電影獎


Director: Andres Veiel
2003 108 mins with English subtitle IIA

2004 Berlin International Film Festival — Panorama Audience Award
2004 Film+ — Editing Award
2005 German Film Critics Association Awards — German Film Critics Award

Four drama students: Constanze who lives in a lovely old house tells her parents about her passion; Karina performs a little for her parents in their hairdressing salon; Stephanie, burns with dramatic passion despite her mother’s scepticism; Prodromos performs a dramatic scene with a gun for his parents. All four applies to enter the highly reputed Ernst Busch School of drama in Berlin, all four needs to cope with their doubts. The film follows the students’ tough training in Berlin and their lives afterwards in a period of 7 years. The director’s interest lies in the careful documentary portrayal of these four real-life drama students, including the progress they made, and all their ups and downs.

電話: Tel: 2802 0088

27/8/2010 晚上八時正 8pm

Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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