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隔著圍牆說愛你 Beloved Berlin Wall

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上映日期 : 06/01/2011

發行/主辦團體: 泛亞影業有限公司


Berlin, 1989, Sascha is a youmg East German border guard; Franzi a lively young West German woman who’s just moved into a flat next to Sascha’s watchtower at the Berlin Wall. It takes only a slight mishap and a selfless act of chivalry — and the two fall in love. But soon the Stasi believes they are witnessing the start of a revolt — this is the time of mass protests and East Germans taking refuge in the West German Embassy in Prague after all. Franzi and Sascha have to find their ways to stand up for their love and strive for the impossible — to bring down the wall.

演員:費莉德絲禾爾, 馬森米麥, 安娜費莎

Director: Peter Timm
Cast: Felicitas Woll, Maxim Mehmet, Anna Fischer

翻叮我老婆 (My ex-wife’s wedding)
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發行/主辦團體: Organization: 驕陽電影有限公司 Ream Motion Pictures Limited


馬勇(陳坤 飾)與曉紅(袁泉 飾)結婚五年,女方開始嫌老公只顧工作,男方亦受不了老婆的公主病,二人就此玩完。離婚後馬勇與索女趙慧(吳天瑜 飾)打得火熱,但「老婆」曉紅終日搞亂檔。為踢走「老婆」,馬勇竟迫老友張琪(陸毅 飾)硬哽曉紅。可惜張琪是一個”追女”白痴,再加上曉紅經常公主病發作,馬勇只好親自教路,將追「老婆」的必殺技傳授張琪,卻反而令自己醋意大發,難道最後要翻兜自己「老婆」?

Overzealous photographer Ma Yong (Chen Kun) introduces his ex-wife Xiao Hong (Yuan Quan) to his friend Zhang Qi (Lu Yi). But when all seems to be going well between Xiao Hong and Zhang Qi, Ma Yong realizes that he may still be in love with his ex-wife, much to the chagrin of his current girlfriend. Hong Kong-based director Lee Kung Lok (MY MOTHER IS A BELLY DANCER, 3rd HKAFF) and screenwriter Szeto Kam-Yuen (A HERO NEVER DIES) explore relationships in modern China with a touch of humor in this adaptation of a popular novel.


Director : Lee Kung Lok
Starring : Chen Kun, Yuan Quan, Lu Yi

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