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Fion C. Makeup x BeautyTalk

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Fion Chang is an accomplished Hong Kong makeup artist with more than 10 years of image design experience under her makeup brushes.  She has created thousands of makeup designs for weddings, photo shoots, fashion shows, corporate events and private parties.

Her work has appeared in fashion and beauty magazines including HK Magazine,  Wedding Magazine, Ms. Hair, Hong Kong Bride, All About Wedding and Shining Makeup.

In addition, she is the co-founder of FoundationsBridal.com, an image design firm specializing in classical, traditional and avante garde
makeup designs for discerning brides. While the majority of her clients come from Hong Kong, many of them come from all over the world. Some clients have retained her one-of-a-kind bridal image design services for overseas wedding events.

Fion received her formal training as a professional makeup artist at prestigious beauty colleges of Amy Gao, Monita and Hong Kong Baptist University.

She has an international diploma in media techniques for television studio production and professional hair design for bridal and evening dressing. Her quest for designing the “ultimate look” for each client has her constantly on the cutting-edge of makeup techniques, cosmetics, fashion and bridal accessories.

Clients praise Fion for her uncanny ability to produce celebrity masterpieces of makeup beauty that not only transcends time, but also, brings years of unforgettable memories through stunning photographs and videos.

Her clients call her the “makeup magician”.

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