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一個快樂的謊言 Goodbye Lenin!

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上映日期: 28/1/2011 8:00pm

Venue: 香港電影資料館
發行/主辦團體: 香港歌德學院 German Film Forum


October 1989 was a bad time to fall into a coma if you lived in East Germany – and this is precisely what happens to Alex’s mother, an activist for social progress and the improvement of everyday life in socialist East Germany. Alex has a big problem on his hands when she suddenly awakens eight months later. Her heart is so weak that any shock might kill her. And what could be more shocking than the fall of the Berlin Wall and the triumph of capitalism in her beloved country? To save his mother, Alex transforms the family apartment into an island of the past, a kind of socialist museum where his mother is lovingly duped into believing that nothing has changed. What begins as a little white lie gets more and more out of hand …

導演: 禾夫斯‧碧嘉
Director: Wolfgang Becker