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中坑同學會 Grown Ups

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上映日期 : 7/10/2010

發行/主辦團體: Sony Pictures Releasing


Sandler came up with the idea of a guy who feels like he and his family have lost their perspective of what’s important in life. So, when he unexpectedly has to go back to his home town, he decides to use it as an opportunity to get back to his roots and get his family on the right track. To do this, he rents a lake house and invites his old friends and their families to come and stay with them for the Fourth of July weekend. Soon, they discover that growing older doesn’t mean growing up!

導演 : 丹尼斯鄧肯
演員 : 阿當桑迪拿、奇雲占士、系列基斯洛克

Director : Dennis Dugan
Cast : Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock

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