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出軌的女人 Hi, Fidelity

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上映日期: 24/3/2011

發行/主辦團體: Organization: 美亞娛樂 Mei Ah Entertainment



When these affluent housewives( Pat Ha, Michelle Ye, Carrie Ng ) set out for fun, they agreed on several terms : Go together and take care of each other; find a reliable gigolo club in an alien city; use only fake names, never reveal the true identity; and most importantly, pay only money for pleasures, no love involved.

However, things turned out not according to their plans. This super lover boy( William Chan ) entered their lives and they gradually broke all those rules they set up while their adventures went astray. Relationship, friendship, self-esteem, hope for the future …everything shattered when the basic desire exploded. They were forced to face their own selves, and redeem themselves from their apathetic lives.

導演: 潘源良
主演: 陳偉霆,夏文汐,吳家麗,葉璇

Cast : Pat Ha, Michelle Ye, Carrie Ng

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