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非誠勿擾2 If You Are The One 2

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上映日期: 13/1/2011

發行/主辦團體: 華誼兄弟


承接上集內容,笑笑(舒淇 飾)和秦奮(葛優 飾)從北海道歸來,雖然笑笑對舊情人已經心死,但仍未能在秦奮身上找到愛情的感覺,兩人於是決定試婚。但一次醉酒吐真言,笑笑坦承自己對他的感覺還不是愛情。秦奮聽後深感失望,兩人亦日漸疏遠…


After returning from Hokkaido and ending her affair with Mr. Fang, Xiaoxiao realizes
that she is tired of being in love with anyone at all. Her complicated feelings return,
however, as she continues to see Qin Fen. Though Qin is caring and fun loving , he
can sometimes be as fussy as a little child. How can she have a serious relationship
with a man who still behaves like a child? Her feeling towards Qin have never reach
the point of love. For Qin Fen, Xiaoxiao is the perfect girl to spend his life with. What’s
more important, he knows that he is not getting any younger. So he tries desperately to
transform his dream of marrying her into reality. As a test to see if they are a couple who
can actually live together, Qin rents a villa in Sanya on Hainan island. And so begins their
daily life together …


Director : Feng Xiao Gang
Cast : Shu Qi, Ge You

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