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創作總監Stuart Vevers密切關注這個帆布系列的每一個細節、每一個金屬配件以及元素。從其標誌性的掛鎖到最小的鉚釘,均以一種特別創作的濃烈金色色調作為修飾。每一件作品都飾以最優質的牛皮革,有著完美無瑕疵的外觀,並曾被植物的提取物來進行鞣皮。


Loewe悠久而豐富的傳承,回響迴繞於系列的特色上,即是向Loewe的標誌致敬:「Amazona」手袋 ── 一個有著不朽靈魂的手袋。標誌的皮革鑲邊構造和圖案的手挽附件均是啟發自1975年的原作設計。






Anagrammed CanvasSince 1846 Loewe has had an outstanding reputation for noble craftsmanship and innovation. Over a century and a half later sees the introduction of the new canvas line that seeks to pay homage to the House’s unique tradition whilst exploring a modern, relevant aesthetic.

The new collection becomes the ultimate example of Loewe’s fine workmanship that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Made in Spain, honouring Loewe’s history of complete dedication to quality the canvas line is set to be a modern classic. The line has the authentic feeling of every Loewe icon.

Anagram canvas is designed for men and women.

The Canvas

The new material has been born from extensive research into Loewe’s archives. The famous ´Anagram´ placed in a graphic repeat becomes a symbol of quality.

The lightweight, highly resistant and sturdy material has a refined and woven texture that creates its own individual character.

A bold colour palette focuses on a combination that is trademark Loewe: black and gold, evoking a distinctly Spanish mood.

The refreshing absences of lining or auxiliary materials explain the suppleness of the canvas.

The Details

Creative director Stuart Vevers has paid close attention to every detail, every hardware and element for the coated canvas line. From its signature padlock to the smallest rivets, have all been finished in a specially created rich gold hue. Each piece is trimmed with the finest cowhide leather which has a totally flawless surface, and has been tanned with plant extracts.

Loewe’s long and rich heritage echoes in the collection features that pay homage to a Loewe icon: The ´Amazona´ bag- a bag with soul. The signature leather binding construction and graphic handle attachments have been inspired by the original 1975 design.

Loewe, Madrid, 1846. The House’s legendary signature is given new life. Re-claimed from the archive, the signature is sewn inside every bag. Gold foil embossed on a leather tag, a trademark of the house. 

The Collection

All the functionalities have been covered. The line comprises of men’s and women’s bags, travel luggage and small leather goods. Each style serves to complete a 21st century interpretation of Loewe´s heritage from the neat perfection of a re-proportioned attaché case to a streamlined weekender.

Functional, rationale, versatile and with a very ´proper´ feel. -Very of the House. A selection of rigid cases celebrating Loewe´s fine art of trunk making complete the assortment.