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末路私情 London Boulevard

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上映日期: 23/6/2011

發行/主辦團體: 安樂影片有限公司

故事發生在倫敦兩個懸殊的圈子,米修(哥連法路飾)是剛刑滿出獄的罪犯,希望出獄後可擺脫黑道,與姊姊重過新生,可惜黑社會大佬金爺 (Ray Winstone飾)一直緊盯著他,想利用他的身手才智,威迫利誘他再一同犯案,更因此令米修的姊姊身陷險境。另外,米修以前跟隨的大佬又神秘被殺,米修身不由己,誓要追查兇手為大佬復仇。

在倫敦另一邊璀燦的娛樂圈中,女星夏洛蒂 (姬拉麗莉飾)因丈夫意外身亡,終日被小報狗仔隊追訪而困擾著,沉鬱的她幾乎與外界隔絕,甚至很想逃離倫敦,擺脫討厭的娛樂圈。此時,夏洛蒂遇上被仇恨佔據及黑幫勢力追殺的米修,二人關係變得複雜,激情亦一發不可收拾。兩人背負截然不同的背景和包袱,卻在命運上交著,末路上能否一起衝出重重殺機?

After three years behind bars, Mitchel (Colin Farrell) emerges from Pentonville Prison with good intentions. But when his old friend Billy (Ben Chaplin), a low-level gangster who’s looking for backup on a job, meets him upon release, Mitchel joins him in exchange for a place to live. While entangled in his past, Mitchel becomes involved in the life of Charlotte (Keira Knightley), a movie star holed up in a Holland Park mansion against a horde of reporters and photographers. Touched by her beauty and vulnerability, he quickly falls into the role of her protector, fending off aggressive paparazzi, stalkers and other villains, as well as Billy’s ploy to rob the house of its expensive art and vintage cars.

導演: 威廉莫納漢
主演: 哥連法路,姬拉麗莉

Director : William Monahan
Cast : Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley

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