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戀人絮語 Lover’s Discourse

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上映日期: 25/11/2010

發行/主辦團體: 安樂影片

五對男女,六段感情思緒,暗戀、單戀、失戀、熱戀、苦戀、雙戀… 貼近都市人的愛情世界。陳奕迅暗戀人妻林嘉欣,出軌男女愈快樂愈隨落;在洗衣店工作的謝安琪睹勿思春,對男客人彭于晏綺夢迷離。曾志偉暪著陳潔儀另結新歡,殊不知老婆性感很多人call;范曉萱、向佐兩顆被出賣的心,決要暗中來一場復仇記,你倆既然不仁,我倆就盡情不義。在監製彭浩翔加持下,曾次執導的曾國祥、尹志文顛覆我愛你愛他的感情角力,有笑有淚有感動。


What is love? A disruption in the body’s chemistry? A hormonal upset? A fleeting biological urge? Well … it’s probably all of the above. But science cannot explain love. To understand what it really is, how it affects us, and what it costs us, we need to look at empirical examples.

As its title – after the Roland Barthes book – suggests, Derek Tsang & Jimmy Wan’s directorial debut is comprised of 6 stories about love & lovers. From a philanderer about to get a taste of his own medicine from his son’s best friend, to a laundry shop worker who reminisces about her previous male conquests through the smell of their clothes, the two writer-directors – frequently screenplay collaborators of director Pang Ho-cheung – find their own twisted ways to explore the nature of love and its dire consequences.

導演 : 曾國祥、尹志文
演員 : 陳奕迅、林嘉欣、謝安琪

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