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上映日期: 15/9/2011

發行/主辦團體: Organization: 安樂影片有限公司 Edko Films Ltd



替舞蹈寫下不朽傳奇一頁的翩娜包殊(Pina Bausch),在雲溫達斯(Wim Wenders)的3D世界裡浴火重生。翩娜包殊和雲溫達斯相識廿多載,醞釀合作多卻一直未果,直至2007年看到樂隊U2的3D演唱會電影才恍然大悟:就是3D!兩人講好把《穆勒咖啡館》、《春之祭》、《月滿》及《交際場》等經典舞碼搬上大銀幕演繹,2009年6月30日翩娜因癌症去世,令製作一度中斷,如今雲溫達斯和烏珀塔爾舞團(Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)攜手一完遺願。


PINA is a feature-length dance film in 3D with the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, featuring the unique and inspiring art of the great German choreographer, who died in the summer of 2009.

PINA is a film for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders.

He takes the audience on a sensual, visually stunning journey of discovery into a new dimension: straight onto the stage with the legendary Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch ensemble, he follows the dancers out of the theatre into the city and the surrounding areas of Wuppertal – the place, which for 35 years was the home and centre for Pina Bausch’s creativity.

導演/編劇/監製: 雲溫達斯