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女教皇傳 Pope Joan

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上映日期: 27/1/2011

發行/主辦團體: 安樂影片有限公司 Edko Films Limited




In 814 A.D. Johanna is condemned to life as a woman. Her life seems to be predetermined: work, have children and die young. But Johanna decides to resist – her strict father, the rules of the Church – for the sake of her conviction and her faith. Because she senses that her destiny is a different one, that God is showing her a different path. But the price she will have to pay is a high one.

Johanna attends the cathedral school in Dorstadt and meets Count Gerold, a noble man at the Bishop’s court. Their friendship develops into love. When Gerold goes to war, Johanna remembers her destiny. But she cannot achieve her goal as a woman. Johanna makes a decision that will have far-reaching consequences: she joins the Benedictine Monastery at Fulda disguised as a man, calling herself Brother Johannes, and lives there as a successful and well-respected doctor. When her real identity is in danger of being revealed, she flees to Rome. She meets Gerold there again and realises that there is one thing she can no longer deny: her love.

導演 : 桑克禾曼
演員 : 祖安娜華卡莉、大衛雲咸

Director : Sönke Wortmann
Cast : Johanna Wokalek, David Wenham