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樹欲靜而心不息 The Tree

上映日期: 04/04/2011

發行/主辦團體: 高先電影有限公司

Dawn 及Peter 和他們的四個孩子,一家人生活在澳洲的近郊社區,樂也融融。在他們家的園子中央是孩子們最心愛的遊樂場 ─ 一棵巨大的榕樹。在孩子們的心目中,這棵樹的枝椏高得好比伸進了天空,而深入地底的樹根更讓這株榕樹長得像磐石一樣穩固。


但大樹一天天長大,甚至長得比任何榕樹都大 ─ 它的枝葉伸進了屋裡,樹根摧毀了房子的地基,Dawn開始考慮是否要將這棵大樹除去,好讓一家人可以繼續在這裡安居。

Dawn (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and Peter live together with their children in a suburban neighborhood in Australia. In the middle of their luxuriant garden stands the kids’ favorite playground : a massive Moreton Bay Fig tree, whose branches reach high towards the sky and roots stretch far into the ground.

One night, Peter dies of a heart attack, crashing his car into the tree trunk. Dawn is left alone with her grief and four children to raise. All of them naturally go looking for comfort under their protective tree, which becomes even more present in their lives. The daughter, thinking that her late father whispers to her through the leaves, settles in the tree and refuses to climb down from it…

But as the tree is growing unusually big – branches infiltrating the house, roots destroying the foundations, the family will need to make an excruciating decision to be able to go on with their lives…

導演: 茱莉貝杜切妮
主演: 莎樂姬絲寶,馬頓斯素嘉

Director : Julie Bertuccelli
Cast : Charlotte Gainsbourg, Morgana Davies

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