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財神客棧 Treasure Inn

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上映日期: 23/6/2011

發行/主辦團體: 發行工作室


龔少爺( 謝霆鋒) 與老巴( 張家輝)是白馬城的捕快,身手不凡卻不爲知府大人所重用!城內富翁何百萬府發生劫殺案,全家惨死,家傳之寶“白玉觀音”被盜走,有神捕之稱的鐵無情 (何家勁) 率領金衣捕快來調查,可惜龔少爺與老巴身份低無法參與。

碰巧,龔少爺與老巴逮捕了專門假裝抓通緝犯騙取賞金的姊妹水龍女(蔡卓姸)和火龍女(黄奕) ,得知白玉觀音將會被送往財神客棧交易。龔少爺與老巴爲立大功,決定與兩姊妹前往財神客棧調查真相,途中龔少爺與水龍女一吻訂情。

Once upon a time in China, two street inspectors named Gongand Bawere on the mysterious murder case in town –the massacre at a millionaire’s estate, and the disappearance of the prestigious white-jade statue. But the renowned investigator Iron was assigned to the case, and quickly shoved the local Gong and Ba on the sideline, so they determined to track down the culprit on their own.

The duo chances upon two sisters-in-crime, Waterand Fire, who disguise as bounty hunters to gain reward. Gong learnt from the sisters that the jade statue was delivered to Treasure Inn, the infamous trade market for loots nationwide. The inspectors quickly followed the leads, with the sisters tagging along for the trip. Along the way, Gong and Water soon fall in love, while Ba and Fire were the perfect odd couple.

導演: 王晶
主演: 謝霆鋒, 張家輝, 蔡卓姸, 黄奕, 何家勁

Director: Wong Jing
Starring: Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung, Charlene Choi

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