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戀搞好朋友 Friends With Benefits

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發行/主辦團體: Organization: 新力影業 Sony Pictures Releasing International



Justin Timberlake、米娜古妮絲(Mila Kunis)縱情纏綿,一同揭開現代床上戀事!各自跟另一半分手後,戴倫(Dylan)和珍美(Jamie)同時成為愛情驚弓鳥,抗拒重新再發展一段男女關係;奈何人心慾做,各有需要,結果好友變炮友,前提是:不要愛,只要性!起初確是水乳交融,但經過連場翻雲覆雨,雙方內心開始交戰,吻下來卻無法豁出去;弊在又有言在先,於是展開漫長猜情尋角力…究竟這對性情中人能否終成眷屬?

When New York-based executive recruiter Jamie (MILA KUNIS) trains her considerable headhunting skills on luring hotshot LA-based art director
Dylan (JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) to take a dream job in the Big Apple, they quickly realize what kindred spirits they are.

They’ve each been through so many failed relationships that they’re both ready to give up on love and focus on having fun.

Could these two fast friends – who are successful, unattached, and scornful of commitment – explore new terrain?

If they add casual “no emotions” sex to their friendship, can they avoid all the pitfalls that come with thinking about someone else as more than just a pal?

As two people weaned on the disappointing promises of romantic comedies, Dylan and Jamie shouldn’t be entirely surprised when their bold move
becomes a bawdy, sexy ride into uncharted territory, exposing much more of themselves than they ever thought they’d get to see.

導演: 韋古克
演員: Justin Timberlake、米娜古妮絲、柏翠茜亞格遜

Director: Will Gluck
Cast: Justin Timberlake 、Mila Kunis、Patricia Clarkson、Emma Stone