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Givenchy Perfume: EAU DEMOISELLE Rose à la Folie

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全新的EAU DEMOISELLE Rose à la Folie,結合花果香味,細嚼清新的味道,領先的冰糖葫蘆那香甜一湧而至,洋溢著青春的坦率,與檸檬糾纏不放,調和蜜美不膩的馥郁;嬌俏收斂的蘭花,以自身喚醒了玫瑰和蓮花的香柔和威嚴;白雪松木和竹汁液微妙融和,最終成就了麝香的傲慢酣甜。

This new floral fruity fresh fragrance opts for youth and impertinence, it is tinged with bright and colorful twist of sweet delicacies inspired of Tanghulu and of sparkling caviar lemon. The Orchid Flower, tender and pleasant, highlights the majesty of a Rose and Lotus Tea floral pastel. The subtle signature of White Cedar wood and Bamboo Sap completes this femininity to succumb to the ultimate sweetness of Musk.


HK$575 / 50ml; HK$810 / 100ml

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