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American Eagle Introduces Chinese New Year Collection

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On behalf of American Eagle, we would like to share the latest campaign images of Chinese New Year Collection with you. To celebrate the year of Mouse, the collection features T-shirts and hoodies with different design of Disney Mickey graphics. The campaign images utilized crinkled gold mylar backdrop to showcase a modern and updated take of traditional Lunar New Year, with starbursts to create a dreamlike and ethereal atmosphere. The collection will be available in stores from 10th January 2020.

我們代表American Eagle很高興您分享Chinese New Year Collection最新宣傳照。這是以各種迪士尼米奇老鼠圖案的T恤和衛衣來慶祝鼠年的系列。宣傳照利用金色皺紋物料來展示傳統農曆新年的現代感和新鮮感。照片呈現的反射和星光效果,既有夢幻又帶點空靈的感覺。系列將於2020年1月10日起在專門店發售。